Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday-end of the week

Alrighty...the end of the week is here. I've been working on a couple of assignments. Sketches for Peg the Pig and finishing up a cover for a catalog.
Here's Peg.

This is the cover for the dummy. When creating my artwork, I read the manuscript over and over silently and outloud. This allows me to think about how the "child" is going to see this story. I go on the internet and library and gather as much as I can about the subject (pigs in this case).

Usually my first drawings are too close to what a real pig looks like. I need a day or so to digest how to stylise my character. Then I create her. It's not hard for me to feel how my characters think. For some reason, that's an easy thing for me. I make small thumbnails and then go to a larger format, finally placing the artwork in with the type. All of this is done in black and white sketch form. I really like using Painter's pencil after I've done the original sketches to refine the little bugs I see and clean up my artwork. Peg is now ready to send off as jpegs to the publisher. Hopefully they'll like her too. Here's a few more sketches.

I also worked on a cover for the WPS catalog. Here's what I have so far.
This was a fun project. Each piece is done seperately, including the background. It gave me a good idea for using the background for other licensing backgrounds.

Friday was my son Fred's birthday! Happy Birthday my guy! I love ya tons!


Maggie Smith said...

OH MY--that's the cutest pig I've ever seen!!!!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Very cool! Great drawing! Love the sense of weight in the pig! Just took a bike ride to a farm the toher day and forgot to bring my sketchbook or camera. They had EVERYTHING! Will be headed back soon for a needed barnyard sketch-a-thon!