Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The House in the Middle of Town

Well, today is the third day of my blog. Captain Jack, my dog, and I have been out on our walk at 8:00am. It's a great time of the year in Northern CA. Spring brings wild turkeys gobbling for a mate. I really love birds and every year I'm thrilled to find blue birds in my bird houses, red breasted sparrows sing their hearts out and tiny yellow finches (endangered) chirping in the trees. I have this tananger (at least that's what I think it is). It is so BEAUTIFUL! It looks like an oriel so maybe that's what it is. Anyway, it is bright yellow orange. It has a mate this year and it loves my humming bird feeder. Twice a day it shows up and pretty much depletes my supply of hummingbird nectar! But is is gorgeous and fun to watch.

I'm going to be working on a education project today. It's been a pain! It's a black and white tiny little pictures only 1 inch in size job. The AD has been asking for all kinds of changes. I'm not too thrilled with this assignment. But, all jobs have their not so fun things to do and I'll make it through.

In the afternoon, I'll begin my painting for a catalog cover for a child development company. It's a lot of fun and full of excitement. The sketch is approved and I'm ready to start color.

Here is the cover to a new picture book I did for Standard Publishing. It reminded me of when my church ward in Garden Grove helped me when I found myself raising four kids alone. Felt I HAD to do it just for them! It should be published soon.

Later in the afternoon, I'm going to take a break and watch my grandson, Isaac. What a fun little guy! He's 18 months with a great sense of humor so he'll make my day! Bev is going to the dentist and Craig is on a business trip in China. So glad I live close to my grandkids. They do more for me than I do for them.

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