Friday, June 1, 2012

NEW BABY ARRIVING! Available at most bookstores and my online store!


pam said...

hi joy - i love love LOVE your artwork. i stumbled across your site while hunting for fabric.
i am on your web site to purchase some fabric and some books. i have am trying to add a custom dedication to princess party and have run out of room.
any suggestions on how to get more space? i don't need much more.
thnx - pam

Natalie Downs said...

I am just a simple ol Mom in Alabama with a idea for a series of books. It kinda just came to me one day and I have kept up with what I wanted to do as the days went, but I'm no illustrator.
I LOVE your artwork and its exactly what I would want to do.
As you can probably assume I have zero clue on what to do, but I want to write these books for my baby girl to have and I would love for others to fall in love with the idea too and spread the joy of being a mom is such a busy world.
Could you email me?
Thank you in advance.

Kathryn McDonald said...

We received Baby Sounds as a gift from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library program when my son, Jack, was a few months old. By 6 months old it was his first favourite book as he got VERY excited when we read it.
I wanted to write a few days ago to tell you the our daughter, 9 month old Heather, is showing the same "Joy" in sharing this book.
I'm glad I waited as I just watched Jack (now 3) read Baby Sounds to his little sister.
Thank you so much for this book. We will be saving it for grandkids.