Saturday, April 14, 2007

My first blog

Hello! Here I am!

Well, this is how I looked a few years ago. Ha! I'm trying out my first blog today. I've been admiring what my daughter-in-law NataLee has done blogging about the cutest girl baby in the world Mabel Joy (I have to say that because I also know the cutest boy baby in the world), and I decided to try it too! I haven't thought too much of what I'm going to do with my blog other than just talk about what is going on. Perhaps that's the way to start! Who am I?!

First I would have to say I'm a happy Mom and Grandmom! I really love being both! My grandkids range from 13 years to 7 months, and each one fills my heart. My "kids" are all grown up now. They have many adventures, challenges and great talents. I'm a lucky and blessed lady!

For work, I'm a children's book illustrator. People all the time say, "I wish I had your job!". Well, most of the time, I agree with them! Illustrating over 60 books now, has been a delight. But, it isn't with it's difficulties as well. Any business, takes a lot of work. Children's illustrating has many tough parts to it. But I love it! I love creating! Creating characters, stories with pictures...that's what I just do naturally!

I hope to get the hang of blogging and enjoy sharing some of my life.

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